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Developer Creates iPad App To Help His Autistic Brother

“Bringing Modern Technology To The Autism Community”, Jonathan Izak, founder and CEO of SpecialNeedsWare, LLC created AutisMate for the iPad to help his autistic brother.

I began developing AutisMate for my younger brother and first cousin who are both on the autism spectrum. My family and I saw the potential benefits that technology could provide for them, yet we became very disheartened by our experiences with the devices and apps available.

The interface designs were often too complex and not intuitive enough for autistic children, who tend to struggle with generalizing. The devices consisted of outdated hardware that sold for astronomical prices, even though they lacked the simplicity, functionality, and user friendly designs of the many tablet computers available today. The apps were difficult to use and surprisingly limiting. There was nothing that provided the required flexibility to help children with such a broad spectrum of needs… Until now.

AutisMate is an iPad app that takes full advantage of modern technology to provide an easy to use solution to help individuals with autism. It was designed in collaboration with numerous speech pathologists, therapists, parents, and teachers from a variety of backgrounds to promote:

  • Communication
  • Functional Skills
  • Social Skills

There is no single solution that will work for every person with autism and some may not benefit from computerized devices altogether. The last thing I wish to do is provide false hope that this app alone will suddenly alleviate the communication, functional, and behavioral obstacles you are dealing with. That being said, I truly believe AutisMate is the best therapy aide and communication solution that exists today for many people facing the challenges of autism.

Download here: